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Blue light fashion

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

So here we are -- about a month into this stay at home order and I don't know about ya'll but my screen time has been wayyyy up! I thought Apple had agreed to stop sending those screen time reports during this pandemic...but I guess not...

So bam! I got this notification and I was like I HAVE to do something about this, but what?! The fact of the matter is my job requires me to be in front of a computer all day, my side hustles (blogging and website building/management) require me to be in front of a screen, and then in my downtime like any other human craving connection right now, I like to catch up on the world. So here I am scrolling Instagram, reading the news on my phone or watching TV, so how could I really escape all this screen time and the possible detrimental effects it was having on me? I mean even reading I am doing that on an iPad...smh!

So I started doing some research on blue light blockers and let me first say, I am in no way a medical professional to tell ya'll what to do, but here's what I found out:

  • According to The Vision Council, 59% of adults suffer from physical discomfort after screen use for longer than two hours at a time - this can be referred to as digital eye strain (DES).

  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology states that there is no evidence that the kind or amount of light coming from screens is damaging to the eyes, but rather the discomfort comes from the associated use with the screens and decreased blinking.

  • Several articles I read of personal accounts of using blue light blockers stated they experienced less discomfort, fewer incidents of dry eyes, and fewer headaches as a result of using the glasses.

With all my new-found knowledge - and quite honestly - confusion - I thought, oh what the heck! If people have experienced some relief then I might as well give it them a try. So to Amazon I went and out came with these super cute blue light blockers.

In the first few weeks of wearing them I have found myself squinting less as I wore them, the headaches that I started to get went away and on the plus side I felt super cute sitting alone in my house all day :) If you are in the market for some blue light blockers definitely check these out! They are very sturdy, comfortable and fashionable. And if you click the link above I am obligated to tell you that I may earn money from qualifying purchases.

As always - with love!

Kristen <3


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