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Fancy Frozen Pizza

Listen, we’ve all been there. No food in the fridge, and no energy to really cook up something. Well as long as you have some fresh basil, a frozen pizza, and some mozzarella in the fridge sit back and read this quick post on how you too, can be extra fancy with limited ingredients.

  1. Get some fresh basil and cut into strips (or rip into pieces if you’re feeling extra lazy and don’t want to clean up a cutting board and knife later)

  2. Get some fresh mozzarella and rip it into small pieces. (Burrata would also be good!)

  3. Place mozzarella and basil pieces all over the frozen pizza.

  4. Bake as instructed on the pizza box.

  5. Chop up a bit more fresh basil and place on the hot pizza before slicing and serving.

  6. Stand back and be amazed at yourself!

This elevated pizza is so simple but so delicious it really is amazing! It's a miracle what fresh herbs can do for your food. Enjoy!


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