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Free Money...that's right FREE $!

As the holidays approach, who couldn't use a little extra cash? As the gift lists come in, and the parties get started we all could use a little extra spending money - either for yourself or for those loved ones. Check out below to see how I got a little extra spending cash this year!


So about a year or so ago I signed up for a few free apps and was like let's just give this a shot and see if it actually works. I'm usually pretty skeptical about those free money apps, especially the survey ones that require you to sign your life away doing a million surveys before you reap any benefits. But in the midst of all the noise I was able to find a few really good ones, especially if you do any type of online shopping or use your phone on a regular basis and like to play games (ahem...EVERYONE). Check out below for links to the 3 and why I love them!

1. Honey & Honey Gold

  • What is it? - Honey is a browser extension that finds and test coupons and codes from the internet to find you the best deal possible. - Honey Gold is their reward program. They have partnered with many retailers to offer you cash back after shopping, so it's like a two in one deal with their savings platform!

  • Why I love it? I don't know about y'all but I do A LOT of online shopping (especially during the holidays) so as soon as I get to the checkout page I click the Honey extension and bam! It tests all the coupons and codes that it found. It's that easy! And then as an added bonus if there is a cash back offer you get points toward your Honey Gold balance which you can redeem for gift cards at many major retailers such as Amazon, Macy's, Nike, Sephora, and many more. One thing I will say, is that I just downloaded the Honey app, which I am excited about because I was definitely missing out on a lot of deals and rewards since I shop from my phone a lot. Hopefully, the app will help with this and catch more rewards in the future!

  • How long have I used it? Since September 2018

  • Rewards to date: $20 Gift Card - with more points pending! (This could have been way more if I had known about the app - but onward to more savings!)

  • Link to sign up: If you click here to join we will both be rewarded!

2. RetailMeNot

  • What is it? Most of you are probably familiar with RetailMeNot when you search for coupon codes online. Well just like Honey, they have a browser extension that you can install and it will run all the coupons and codes it finds for you automatically at check out. Additionally, they have a cash back program as well, so when you shop even if there are no coupons most retailers offer a percentage cash back on your purchase.

  • Why I love it? Again, online shopping, who doesn't want to save money and get money back?! And it's so easy to use! Oh, and their customer service is great! I had an issue with two of my rewards not showing up and they responded in less than 2 hours and helped resolve the issues! I also love it because you can cash out to PayPal, so you are not tied into choosing a gift card. (Although if you do choose a gift card - you get even more money back!)

  • How long have I used it? May 2018

  • Rewards to date: $95

  • Link to sign up: Click here to join! No gimmicks, I get nothing for you all signing up, just want to spread the wealth (literally)!

3. Perksy

  • What is it? I know I said I hated the survey sites above, but hear me out...Perksy is different. It is like playing a game on your phone and being rewarded with real money for it. At its core, Perksy is a marketing research platform, but it differs from its competitors in many ways. Here is their description on the app store they are: "Answer questions. Earn rewards. Perksy is the app that pays you to play. We'll send you stacks of questions on current events, what's cool, what isn't, and from top brands that want your opinion." Each "stack", as they call the questions, take under 2 minutes and the questions are actually relevant to our lives. Their aim is to powers real-time research with Millennial & Gen-Z audiences through mobile.

  • Why I love it? Its really easy to use, and they make it fun to answer questions. Sometimes you answer with Emojis, others you get to write your actual opinions. And it's all done from your phone on topics/brands that are actually relevant. Additionally, the stacks are "smart" so as you answer questions if it finds the survey is not a good fit they won't make you jump through hoops to exit and then only reward you with one point.

  • How long have I used it? January 2019

  • Rewards to date: 2500 points which equals $25 gift card

  • Link to sign up: Let's both get some bonus points by clicking here to download the app!

What are some of your favorite apps to save and get free money? Is there anything I need to know about?? Comment below and let me know, or let me know if you end up using any of these apps. Happy shopping and saving!

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