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Quick At Home Workouts

COVID times have certainly changed how we workout and for me its been quite a struggle to get into a routine. As someone who likes working out partially for the social aspect of it, but also so that I can see my gains, home workouts have certainly not been my jam. I've tried many things from virtual zoom classes, to workout outs, to online training and honestly, nothing has stuck.

But what I had to keep telling myself that something is better than nothing and no matter how I was moving my body that was enough. The one things that I have noticed is that whatever is is I am doing needs to be fun! And I need to be able to switch it up. Check out below for a few of my favorite fun home workouts that I have been doing!

Name Workout

The directions are simple for this one: Spell out your name and perform the exercise that corresponds with each letter. You can make this as short as long as you want by doing multiple rounds. Some other variations are:

  • Doing your full name

  • Doing your significant other (or crushes name)

  • Pet's name

  • AMRAMP - Set a time for how ever long (I usually do 20 min) and do as many rounds as possible of your name in that time

Image Source: Popsugar

Card Deck Workout

Again another simple one: assign exercises to each suit, draw cards, and do the exercise associated with the suit of the card for the number of reps indicated by the card. For the face cards you can either count face cards as a certain number of reps—so Jacks = 11, Queens = 12, etc.—or you can designate the face cards as special moves.

Here are some ideas for exercises for each suit:

  • Core: sit ups, hollow hold, planks, mountain climbers

  • Total Body: burpees, push ups, jumping jacks, thrusters, bear crawls

  • Lower Body: squats, lunges, glute bridge, squat jumps, touch down jack

  • Upper Body: tricep push ups, inchworm shoulder taps, supermans,


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