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Self Love Challenge - Day 3

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Day 3 of the Self Love Challenge is upon us and this is a good one! I don't know about ya'll but 2020 has been a difficult one, for the obvious reasons, but also for some personal reasons as well. I wont dive into the details just yet (gotta save some content for other posts, ya feel me ;) ) but what I will say is these first 6 months felt like they lasted a life time. And while some of us may have had a rough go at it, for today's prompt I wanted us all to take a step back at look at the success we've have had. It's so easy to get bogged down in the challenges that are thrown at us, to beat ourselves up about the little things. But it is more important to appreciate everything that you have accomplished so far despite all those hiccups. So Happy Hump Day and let's dive in!

See below for a reminder of the rules and the journal prompt for today. Rules -

  • Journal each day using the prompt given.

  • Post a pic on instagram that accompanies the prompt (not required)

  • Complete at least 30 minutes of some physical activity that makes you feel good. That could be yoga, running, taking a walk, doing an online dance class. Whatever it is, just make sure you are moving intentionally for at least 30 minutes.

Journal Prompt: What have you accomplished so far this year?

Here's my response:

  1. Lost 10 lbs!

  2. Created at least 7 new recipes to share

  3. Have been more consistent with my instagram and blog posts

  4. Acquired new web design clients

  5. Said no to a lot of things that did not serve me, when in the past I almost always have said yes

  6. Complete backyard transformation (post coming next week!)

  7. Stood up for myself and stood my ground in an uncomfortable work situation

  8. Created an amazing headpiece for Mardi Gras (the good old days of outside!)

  9. Survived COVID-19

  10. Joined some affiliate programs to become a better blogger and monetize this thing!

Let me know in the comments what you are most proud of this year. Nothing is too small because we are living through hell right now!


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