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Self Love Challenge - Day 6

Alright peeps, we are almost there just two more days! Today is Day 6 of the Self Love challenge and I am so proud of you all for making it here. This -ish ain't easy. To spend an hour or so each day focusing on just you is hard work. It's even harder when you have to make sure that those thoughts are positive because we are so conditioned to be critical of ourselves and our current surroundings.

One way that has been proven to combat those harsh realities and shift your mindset is to regulary practice gratitude. According to Amy Morin, a psychologist, mentally strong people choose to exchange self-pity for gratitude. And there are scientifically proven benefits to practicing gratitude on a regular basis. So for today's journal prompt that is what we will focus on!

See below for a reminder of the rules and the journal prompt for today.

Rules -

  • Journal each day using the prompt given.

  • Post a pic on instagram that accompanies the prompt (not required)

  • Complete at least 30 minutes of some physical activity that makes you feel good. That could be yoga, running, taking a walk, doing an online dance class. Whatever it is, just make sure you are moving intentionally for at least 30 minutes.

Journal Prompt: What are 5 things you are grateful for this week?

Seven Benefits of Gratitude (source:

  1. Opens the door to more relationships

  2. Improves physical health

  3. Improves psychological health

  4. enhances empathy and reduces aggression

  5. Improves sleep

  6. Improves self-esteem

  7. Increases mental strength

Here's my list:

  1. Supportive friends and family

  2. Outdoor spaces

  3. Healthy and delicious food

  4. Able body to exercise

  5. Laughter


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