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Self Love Challenge - Day 7

Day 7 is here and you made it! Cheers yourself or a friend, give yourself a pat on the back, dance around your room, do whatever makes you feel good about accomplishing this week, because YOU DID THAT!

How do you feel? What have you learned about yourself? What were the highs and lows this week. As we wrap up the self love challenge I want to give you all a space to reflect on what you want to continue doing after this is over. Doing this for a week is fun and all, but what habits or tricks have you learned along the way that will make a lasting impact on your life? Check out below for today's journal prompt. And remember, be proud of yourself for finishing this week! You are stronger and more self aware for it!

Rules -

  • Journal each day using the prompt given.

  • Post a pic on instagram that accompanies the prompt (not required)

  • Complete at least 30 minutes of some physical activity that makes you feel good. That could be yoga, running, taking a walk, doing an online dance class. Whatever it is, just make sure you are moving intentionally for at least 30 minutes.

Journal Prompt: What is one thing you want to incorporate into your self care/self love routine on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?

Some things I am thinking about doing for myself are:

Daily: Morning and evening affirmations in the mirror

Weekly: Journaling about my week and reflecting on what went well and areas of improvement

Weekly: Checking in on the goals I set for the rest of the year and adjusting plans as needed

Weekly: Continuing my self care routines - bubble baths, walks along the lake, face masks, and all those good things!

Monthly: Looking back at my list of YES and NO and holding myself to those things


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